Introduction to ROS

The objective of this course is to introduce students in the use of ROS as a powerful robotics tool. Specifically a familiarization with the middleware concept and the software structure of a robotic system. There will be a special emphasis on sensing and control of robotic systems using ROS, both in simulation and in real environments.

The teaching methodology will combine lectures together with supervised exercises based on the current ROS version and tools. All classes will be organized with the theoretical sessions at the beginning and practical exercises and team work at the end. The initial part will consist on the explanation of theoretical concepts by the lecturer, promoting the active participation of students. The practical part will be focused on the student’s solving skills. The main theoretical concepts will be shown in practical simulation examples and finally on a real robot test.

The source code of the examples of these tutorials is organized in packages stored in the GIT repository all_introduction_to_ROS_packages.

The subject is divided in 10 sessions:

The subject information sheet can be downloaded here.