Doxygen documentation

Slides used to explain the Kautham Project

Slides explaining OMPL integration

Paper of Kautham

Examples of input files

Problem definition OMPL_RRTConnect_Staubli_R6_mobileBase_two_columns.xml
Robot file (dh) UR5.dh
Robot file (urdf) allegro_hand_description_right.urdf
Robot control file TX90_mobile.cntr
Robot control file with coupled d.o.f. TX90_6dof_RHand_5PMD.cntr
Obstacle file (static) shelf
Obstacle file with dynamic data columns.urdf
Obstacle file (a robot) TX90.dh


If you use Kautham in publication, please use:

author = {Jan Rosell and
            Alexander P\'erez and
            Akbari Aliakbar and
            Muhayyuddin and
            Leopold Palomo and
            N\'estor Garc\'{\i}a},
title = {The Kautham Project: A teaching and research tool for robot motion planning},
booktitle={Proc. of the IEEE Int. Conf. on Emerging Technologies and Factory Automation, ETFA'14},
year = {2014},
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