A robot simulation toolkit for motion planningΒΆ

The Kautham Project is a software tool used at the Institute of Industrial and Control Engineering (IOC-UPC) for teaching and research in robot motion planning.

The tool allows to cope with problems with one or more robots, being a generic robot defined as a kinematic tree with a mobile base. i.e. the tool can plan and simulate from simple two degrees of freedom free-flying robots to multi-robot scenarios with mobile manipulators equipped with anthropomorphic hands.

The main core of planners is provided by the Open Motion Planning Library OMPL. Different basic planners can be flexibly used and parameterized, allowing students to gain insight into the different planning algorithms. Among the advanced features the tool allows to easily define the coupling between degrees of freedom, the dynamic simulation and the integration with task planers.

It is principally being used in the research of motion planning strategies for hand-arm robotic systems.

More info: Kautham webpage