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PhanTorque 6Dof and 3Dof Libraries


The PhanTorque libraries are designed to facilitate the implementation of control algorithms from Simulink to the Geomagic haptic devices. In particular, the PhantTorque_6Dof library is designed to be used with the PHANTOM Premiums 1.5 and the PhanTorque_3Dof library with the PHANTOM Omni and PHANTOM Desktop. These libraries follow the same idea of the Phansim library [1]. They use C/C++ S-functions and the OpenHaptics libraries [2] to make the interface between the haptics and Simulink. The main differences of the PhanTorque 6Dof library (versus Phansim) are that it allows to set the torques of the six DoF in the PHANTOM Premiums 1.5 and it gives the transformation matrix of the robot’s end-effector and the linear and angular velocities.

PhanTorque_6Dof Library

PhanTorque_3Dof Library


Libraries Versions

"PhanTorque 6Dof Library 32Bit version"
"PhanTorque 6Dof Library 64Bit version"
"PhanTorque 3Dof Library 32Bit version"
"PhanTorque 3Dof Library 64Bit version"


Inside of the .zip file, there is a brief report (PhanTorque_Lib_Report.pdf) about the libraries, I hope that it can resolve the basic questions about the characteristics and installation of the libraries.


[1] A Mohammadi, M Tavakoli, and A Jazayeri. Phansim : A Simulink Toolkit for the Phantom Haptic Devices. Proc. of 23rd Canadian Congress of Applied Mechanics, pages 787-790.


If you like the libraries and want to cite them please reference them as:

C. I. Aldana, E. Nuño, L. Basañez, and E. Romero. (2014). Operational Space Consensus of Multiple Heterogeneous Robots without Velocity Measurements. Journal of the Franklin Institute. 351(3), 1517–1539.